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10 Things To Bring On Your Day Hike

10 Things To Bring On Your Day Hike

With hundreds of small mountains and thousands of hiking trails, hiking day trips are a part of life here in Maine. Here's what we bring on our trips.

Starting with the main essentials, there is usually a list of things that every hiker relies on before tying up their boots. At the most when you’re day hiking, you’re usually out and about anywhere from 1.5 hours to 6 hours. Not a lot can go wrong with such a short hike, but here are a few things that will make your hike more enjoyable.

1. WATER!!!!

Drinking from mountain streams in Maine might seem idyllic in the movies, but trust us, it's not a good idea. Pack at least 2 liters of water to make your trip and make sure to conserve so you have water up and back from your hike. For longer trips consider a camel back hydration pack.

2. Food: Trailmix, dry fruits and your own DIY sandwiches

Hiking can take a lot out you and you need to fuel your body along the way. Bring a few snacks that are high in nutritional value and that have a bit of sodium and sugar. I typically throw in a baggie full of trail mix, an apple and a Peanut Butter sandwich to enjoy at the summit. 

Some people tend to skip this altogether especially if the trail is particularly shaded, but I strongly believe in proper sun protection.

3. Sun protection: sunglasses, sunscreen, SPF lip balm and a hat
Don't skip this part. Even though you might be hiking through dense woods, you are being exposed to UV rays from the sun for hours. Throw some sunscreen on, especially on your nose and shoulders if you're wearing a tank top. SPF lip balm is also recommended to not only protect your lips but to keep them hydrated, and don't forget the essential hiking hat. We recommend this Rogue Life Maine Hiking Hat. (it's available in purple too!)


4. A fully charged phone and extra battery pack

Ok, so you bring your phone with you everywhere you go anyway, but it's essential to make sure it's fully charged before heading out on the trails. With Maine's thick forest, it's also possible to miss a trail blaze and get off trail. A lot of hikers in Maine use hiking apps like All Trails to navigate back, but they can deplete your battery faster than normal. Although not typical, there is always the possibility of getting lost and unable to find your way back to the trails. In this case your phone is your lifeline to emergency personnel. Bringing a spare battery pack for your phone may just prove to be lifesaving!   

5. First Aid: Band-aids, Ace bandages, antihistamine and oral salts

Hiking is not for the weary. In Maine, you could be scrambling up rocks and jumping over trees. Accidents happen. Make sure you throw some band-aids in your backpack along with an ace bandage just in case you twist an ankle. 

Some of the very basics include medicines like antihistamine which can be lifesaving if you are stung by a wasps and have a severe allergic reaction to some plants. If you have cramps, get those extra packets of oral salts!

6. Hiking Boots or Shoes and Wicking Socks

You're going to be on your feet for hours, traversing uneven ground, rocks and roots. It's vital to have a good pair of hiking boots for your trip. There are plenty of great hiking brands out there like Merrill, Salomon and Topo. Check out this composite list of the best hiking boots of 2023. 

7. Wicking Socks

Sweaty wet feet can make any day hike a disaster. Make sure you're making your feet happy the entire time with a good pair of wicking socks. Merino wool is the best for hikers because they wick and are antimicrobial. We recommend these Rogue Life Merino Wool Socks for your next hike (Stop in our store at 9 Westminster Street in Lewiston, Maine to SHOP).

Merino Wool Hiking Sock 


8. Switch Blade and Duct Tape

Better safe than sorry. Sometimes you need to fix a broken lace or a torn out shoe. 

9. Durable Day Backpack

The great thing about day hiking is that less is more. You don't need a fancy bulky hiking pack to carry around, but you will need a durable day backpack to carry everything we mentioned above. Why not have one that is made right in Maine! Rogue Life Maine has a durable day pack called the Benny Backpack that is made from no-fray cordura so you know it's going to last you for years. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Day Hiking Backpack

10. Motivational Hiking Shirt

The last thing on our list is going to your favorite thing on the list. Getting in the right mindset for a hike is part of the fun, and these hiking shirts are perfect for your next day hike. (Did we mention, they match the Hike hat above???)

Hike Shirts


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